Madhu 9305 Contact App Review 2021 | How to Earn Money From Madhu 9305 A

   There are thousands off apps that claims to give real money to its users. But in reality you never receive any money after using the app for many days. Today in this article we will get to know about a real money earning app That is Madhu 9305 Contact App Review 2021 that gives real money to the users.
Madhu 9305 Contact App Review 2021 | How to Earn Money From Madhu 9305 App

   If you are a student or a job seeker also even if you are a working personal, you can still make money from the Madhu 9305 Contact App Sirf Masti in 2024. The app's offers various options to earn money daily by completing some simple tasks.

What is Madhu 9305 Contact App Review?

  As per latest information available on the internet, Madhu 9305 App is closed its functioning all over the globe, as the app's developers had to face a huge financial lose in the FY 2019-20 . Before the app was giving huge money to the users whom worked on the app for a few hours daily.

How to Earn Money from Madhu 9305 Contact App review 2021 ?

  The app had s 80:20 sharing on advertisement on the app, that means the creator or the user will get 80% of earings from his views and sponshorships. They also gave money for completing some basic tasks daily just like answering what is the capital of India ?, What is the Capital of Delhi ?etc. those who could have answered these simple questions also get a huge money from the app.

Madhu App Also had an refer and earn system, the more users you refer, the more money you can make. In the begining, they gave 200INR+ per refer, then after some months it was reduced to 150 and 100 and so on till 25 per refer. 
Once you refer your friend, they click the link and download and signup on the app, the referel money was instently credited to the referrers account. 

How to Transfer Money from Walet to App ?

  The app had a limit for withdrwal of money from wallet to app was set to 50 INR lowest. once you completed the threshold, you were eligible to redem the mpney to your PayTM, Mobikwick and others wallet apps availaable in the market. once you click the redem option in the app , it took about 2-3 minutes to settle the money to your Defined Wallet.

Is it Possile to Earn Money Now from the App ?

  No, you cann;t make money from the app now as the app is not available as of now in anywhere in the globe. The App was completely shutdown few days back and no one can access the app currently. 
How can you are Money Now ?
  Hey , don't be sad, we have a best app to earn money now also, visit Madhu M22 App and Earn Money. You can earn Some money from this App as of latest updates. 
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