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Hello friends, Today in this Review Post, we will discuss the detailed review of Madhu M22 App Review 2021, What are the features of the app and how you can make money from Madhu M22 App in 2024.

 Earning money now a days is very easy and also very hard for those who are not able to find a way how to earn money. Today you will tell you how you can make money upto 500 per day from Madhu M22 App. 

What is Madhu M22 App Review 2021

 Many users are searching for the app in the Google Play Store as well as in the Google search, I am sure that you are also one of them. But don't worry, we will share the exact details of the app that will clear all of your doubts about Madhu M22 App Review 2024.

How to earn money from Madhu M22 App ?

As you know, Madhu M22 App is a Video calling app that's main program is to view and share videos and livestream. You can make large amount of money just by signing up with an account and upload videos that you can make easily.  The platform support 15 seconds to 1 minute videos as per your grade in the app .
The silver 🥈, ranking creators are allowed to upload only 15 videos and I  that category, all the new members are automatically assigned as Silver . 
The Diamond 💎, ranking creators are allowed to upload videos of about 30 seconds and the creator's who have followers above 1000 are promoted to the diamond creators. In this rank you can start monetization of your content and you can make money as your videos gets views.
The Ruby ranking creators are the most powerful and the highest earning creators, once you complete 10000 followers in the app, then you will be promoted to the Ruby ranking and in that case you can upload 1 minute long videos. 
A Ruby ranking creator can make around 1000-10000 INR per day as they gets more views and also for the long content. 

Is it Possible to Earn Money Now from Madhu M22 App ?

 No, For your information, now you can't install the app in your phone and earn money from Madhu M22 App as it's not working now . The app's users have informed us that the app has been shutdown by the developer's few months ago and the reason was not share publically till now.

How to Earn money Now?

Here I have shared more apps like these that will help you to earn more money daily. Visit our home page and check the App Review section from the main page or you can also click here to visit the Earn Money App Reviews.

Conclusion: The madhu M22 App was a great initiative for the students and teens and also for the jobseekers to earn some money from your phone. But the App is not working as per now and may not be available in the future. 
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